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Among reading people, can be divided into two fun categories – "Frazer" and "parrot". The Fraser include people who snatch from the content of the book is bright and beautiful phrase. Moreover, the phrase can be read in any collection of aphorisms, but presented with a profound understanding of the meaning of life. All this posturing of clean water. Should dig a little deeper and it becomes obvious that the book in question was neither considered nor passed through the heart. Accordingly, to speak about any positive influence of reading on the personality of the man in this case is not necessary. Parrots know a lot of facts, they remember abstruse words and whole sentences, which "saluted" the place and out of place. The purpose of all this is clear – to show himself a man well-read and intelligent. But the result always turns out the opposite, as they are unaware of what exactly their knowledge is applicable and what is not, their own opinion about them says is missing, organize, read no. Most of the quoted phrase sounds inappropriate. Think about it, if you do not belong to one of these types. And if so, what is to change something.

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